ARD Sternpunkt – Real-Time Graphics in Broadcasting Center

Real-Time Graphics System for ARD

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The ARD (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands or Association of the Public Broadcasting Corporations in the Federal Republic of Germany) is made up of nine independent, non-governmental state broadcasting corporations in addition to the international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. They provide a range of television, radio and online programs. A new corporate design is coming to the ARD Sternpunkt for implementation in the ARD community program, "Das Erste". One crucial aspect of this is the graphic animated transition effects required to produce a real-time graphics program.


BFE has been tasked with integrating the design templates created and converted by Avirtico into the ARD broadcasting center using the key channels of the existing continuity switcher. The integration is set to take place during everyday round-the-clock operation. The project has a term of six months.


Expansions to the productive existing systems were required in order to use the new design templates in the planning and transmission planning software, e.g. with the automation and SFPL/Plan 22 interface. This takes into account the largely automated linkage of the graphics system with transmission planning and automation.


  • Vizrt:

    •  Multichannel

    • Viz Engine

    • Viz GraphicHub

    • Viz MediaSequencer (MSE)

  • Max IT SFPL (expansion of transmission planning software)

  • Tapeless Plan22 (expansion of the planning software for the ARD evening program)

  • Aveco Astra MCR (expansion and integration into the existing transmission automation)