German Air Traffic Control – P2 Langen

New Infrastructure for Air Traffic Controllers

  • Deutsche Flugsicherung
  • Air Traffic Control
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  • Langen, Deutschland

As a state-owned company under private law, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH employs around 6000 people to keep German skies safe and ensure flights run on time. Each day, more than 2000 air traffic controllers guide up to 10,000 flights through German airspace. They work in control centers in Langen, Bremen, Karlsruhe, and Munich, and in control towers at the 16 international airports in Germany. The planned overhaul of the air traffic control infrastructure in Langen would also see the introduction of Keyboard - Video - Mouse technology. As a long-standing service partner in the area of KVM technology, BFE was also perfectly placed to take on this challenge.


BFE assumed project responsibility for the planning, procurement, installation, and initial startup of the new KVM infrastructure on the newly installed supervisor bridge. Owing to the high operational requirements of the availability of the overall system, the project was completed in multiple subprojects.


All server systems were removed from the workplace environment and stored in dedicated central apparatus rooms with the corresponding infrastructure. Despite this, flexible distribution of operation across the individual workstations was still possible. It was even possible to change assignments based on demand without any problems. The assembly, cabling, and configuration of the KVM components was completed in close collaboration with DFS.


  • Working in close collaboration with the manufacturer, a complex and completely redundant KVM matrix system was developed and implemented with components from the company Guntermann& Drunck

  • Ninety servers and PC systems can be flexibly distributed across 70 workstations

  • The individual matrices are connected to the Ethernet support infrastructure via IP interface, and centrally monitored via SNMP. If necessary, configuration is also possible via web-based access

Equipment Details:

  • Core system with 8 KVM matrix switches

  • Flexible distribution of 90 servers and PC systems across 70 workstations

  • Some workstations with dual link displays with radar data

  • Connection to Ethernet support infrastructure via IP interface

  • Central control via SNMP

  • Optional web-based configuration


  • 8 KVM matrix switches

  • 90 servers and PC systems

  • Dual link displays with radar data

  • IP interface

  • Ethernet support infrastructure

  • SNMP control