Frankfurt School of Finance – Media Technology for the New Campus

Installation of Media Equipment at the Campus

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The Frankfurt School of Finance is a research-driven business school covering all subjects surrounding Business, Management, Banking and Finance. The school is based in Frankfurt am Main with more than 86 regional centers across Germany and various partnerships and programs abroad. The school offers demanding study and further education options in various areas, including academic research centers and international consulting projects.


BFE was tasked with installing the media infrastructure in 10 Harvard presentation rooms, 11 lecture rooms, 7 seminar rooms, 3 IT training rooms, 5 course rooms, 17 group rooms, 7 meeting rooms, and other creative learning and trading rooms.


All the rooms were fitted with high-performance large format screen projectors. Analog and digital connections were fitted for presentations as well as connections for playback sources. Wireless gateways allow presentations on laptops, smartphones, and tablets ("bring-your-own-device"). The rooms were networked via H.264 streaming, wireless microphones, and high-quality ceiling and front speakers.

A projection via edge-blending and an additional image processor on a 9-meter screen were installed for the large format screen projectors in the Audimax.

Other Equipment Details:

Cameras for allowing additional viewing, discussion system, 64-channel digital audio mixing desk, speakers via high-performance cylinder waves, line projector and ceiling speakers.

Intelligent digital signage software was used to control the visitor displays and electronic door signs.

All media technology rooms were fitted with a total of 39 BFE teacher desks. This special equipment was developed by BFE together with users and architects, and tested by the customer over several months to ensure maximum user-friendliness and ergonomics.


  • Presentation, lecture, seminar, training, course, group, and other rooms

    • Full HD high-performance large format screen projectors, some with double projection

    • 75" 4K viewing displays

    • Wireless gateways

    • Networking via H.264 streaming

    • Wireless microphones

    •  Front and ceiling sound system with Fohhn speakers

  • Audimax

    • Two 12,000 lumen full HD high-performance large format screen projectors with edge-blending and additional image processor

    • 9-meter screen

    • Cameras for allowing additional viewing

    • Discussion system

    • 64-channel digital audio mixing desk

    • Sound system via high-performance cylinder waves, line projector and ceiling speakers

  • Also

    • 18 visitor information displays

    • 39 electronic door signs

    • Control via intelligent digital signage software

    • BFE teacher desks in all media technology rooms