SRG SSR – Flavia 7 Broadcast Van

Broadcast Vans with Compact Media Power

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  • Bern, Schweiz

The Swiss radio and television corporation SRG/SSR is the largest electronic media company in Switzerland. An additional broadcast van was required for outdoor television broadcasts in order to reinforce the media fleet. BFE was tasked with this project due to its comprehensive experience in developing and equipping broadcast vans for international broadcast customers.


BFE took on responsibility for the project of developing and converting a VW Crafter with raised roof and a total weight of 3.5 tons into a 3-camera satellite broadcast van. This included both the integration of all technical components, including initial startup, as well as all related services.


BFE developed a compact solution suited to the smallest spaces with maximum demands. Individual fixtures and conversations allowed the integration of all relevant broadcasting features. This meant that despite the limited space available, a 3-camera transmission could easily be achieved.


  • The most striking feature is the compact design

  • The technical equipment allows simultaneous parallel production of three different feeds

  • The KSC Control System can be used to set all device parameters relevant to production

Installation details:

  • Vehicle: VW Crafter 35

  • Air conditioning in the vehicle interior

  • 400 V/16 A mains connection

  • Self-sufficient with internal generator

  • KSC Control System


  • KU sat system from NDSatcom

  • 3x ENG GVG Elite cameras

  • Video mixer from Fore A

  • Video server from GVG

  • Viprinet router with cable bundling

  • Wireless microphone and reporting systems

  • Lawo digital audio mixing desk

  • Delec intercom system