Visualization Technology Baden-Wuerttemberg

Visualization technology for Baden-Wuerttemberg state police force

  • Polizei Baden-Württemberg
  • Public Administration
    Markets & Industries
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg, Deutschland

In the course of restructuring reforms in the Baden-Wuerttemberg state police force, the police stations are being reorganized and state troopers are re-equipped. This includes new visualization technology for 13 command & situation centers, one center for training, testing & contingencies as well as the state office of criminal investigations.


In the command & situation centers, several rooms are in focus:

  • Situation room for task forces

  • Control room

  • Conference rooms

  • Rooms for police commander and police negotiator

By using an integrated and standardized visualization system, distribution of all information can be optimized and the efficiency of the police force to handle day-to-day operations as well as crisis situations can be improved further.


An audio/video matrix works at the heart of media distribution. The matrix consists of different interface modules that allow for an adaptation of the system to the different requirements of the police headquarters.

The matrix handles signals from different audio and video sources:

  • Interactive SMART whiteboards

  • Live TV channels

  • Video surveillance cameras in public places

  • Police picture exchange

  • PCs and laptops

  • Digital signage

  • Video servers

  • Audio communication systems

All signals can be switched to central monitor walls, interactive whiteboards or displays in conference rooms as needed. The entire infrastructure is designed to be in use 24/7 and all planning and implementation of the project is done with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.


  • Outfitting of 13 command & situation centers, one center for training, testing & contingencies and the state office of criminal investigations with an integrated visualization concept

  • High flexibility of the new infrastructure in switching between sources and receivers for improved efficiency of the police force

  • Modern media technology (excerpt):

    • Crestron media controller for control of all sources and receivers

    • Crestron audio/video matrix for centralized signal distribution

    • Crestron touch displays with convenient drag-and-drop functionality

    • BFE monitor wall systems for 4 or 9 Barco displays and Barco monitor wall controllers for radio and task force rooms

    • Samsung displays for conference rooms

    • Dreambox receiver for DVB-C, DVB-S

    • Interactive SMART whiteboards