The Car, Presented Perfectly

Your heart beats for cars — in every sense. You develop technical innovations, new products and designs. Demand nothing but the best from your work. Want to showcase them perfectly in showrooms with augmented/virtual reality, or present them online. Demonstrate them in training. In every case, use state-of-the-art technology and so stand out from the competition.

These are big demands, and you can count on BFE's expertise to help you meet them. Benefit from our comprehensive technical knowledge and our experience in implementing numerous broadcast projects. We understand the importance of short innovation cycles and high quality standards with failure-proof technology. The ever-increasing demand for training due to worldwide locations and de-centralized production. And the resulting need for access to, storage and management of data of all kinds.


Our solutions are always tailored to your requirements. Of course, we always take into account the corporate design you specify during implementation.


Our range of services includes:

  • Media technology

    • Use of cutting edge technologies in augmented and virtual reality

    • Individual software development and design

    • Design and production of individual furniture with highest quality

    • Digital signage for headquarters and networking across several locations

    • Video based training systems (e-learning)

    • Equipping of exhibition spaces (showrooms), conference and seminar rooms


  • Content solutions

    • Workflow analysis

    • Media asset management systems for access to multimedia content

    • Content management systems for editing of multimedia content

    • Video conference systems for meeting rooms, live conferences or expert panels (across countries and continents)

    • Bulk storage and archives

    • Camera systems for recording of events, exhibitions, conferences and other content

    • Design and implementation of necessary audio, video and IT infrastructure


Our project implementations focus on product neutrality, maximum quality, and optimum durability, while keeping a close eye on deadlines and costs.

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