Digital Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is facing many new challenges. With life expectancy increasing all the time, patients need to be cared for more efficiently and more effectively. There is a boom in international medicine tourism. German patients are taking advantage of the healthcare available abroad, which can often be cheaper, while foreign patients are increasingly consulting German/European specialists. Clinics are merging to become national and international health organizations.


There are many varied and demanding tasks to contend with here. Take advantage of the digital and automation solutions available: for the storage and efficient management of patient data, or for the live transmission of operations. For comprehensive networking with cancer registers and other systems in the context of personalized therapies. When sharing patient information among colleagues and for remote diagnosis. For telephone consultations, meetings and specialist conferences.


Take on the digital challenges in the healthcare sector – with BFE by your side as your knowledgeable partner. Benefit from our decades of experience as a specialist in broadcast solutions and network technology across a wide range of institutions.


Our work is based on

  • Cost efficiency

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Optimum quality, reliability and failure protection

  • Guaranteed compatibility of all components


We offer custom solutions, tailored precisely to your requirements. Our development teams and in-house design and production departments take into account your specific requirements for A/V and media technology.


Our range of services includes:

  • Content solutions

    • Media asset management systems for access to multimedia content from administration, video recordings of conferences and operations, patient files

    • Video conference systems for consultation rooms, operating rooms, waiting rooms (patient information systems), live conferences, expert panels (across countries and continents)

    • Camera systems for recording operations, conferences and more

    • Software solutions for control and monitoring of audio and video systems (KSC CORE, KSC ControlRoom)

    • Design and implementation of necessary audio, video and IT infrastructure


  • Media technology

    • Video based training systems (e-learning)

    • Conference rooms, lecture theaters (college clinics) and seminar rooms

    • Digital labs

    • Digital signage for clinic complexes and networking across several locations

    • Design and production of individual furniture with highest quality


Contact us – we are on hand as your knowledgeable partner, from the initial planning stage through to implementation.

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