Local Energy Production – Monitored Centrally

The energy transition has seen a move away from large power stations and toward smaller individual facilities. Energy and heat generation, as well as the associated storage, is happening increasingly on a de-centralized basis. This move toward smaller, de-centralized solutions presents new challenges.

Your staff, particularly your service teams, are required to be more and more mobile. Here, you need support from intelligent control room solutions so you can securely monitor your locations and systems, and carry out live evaluations on site without service teams. Remote maintenance saves money.


Also consider the use of modern video conferencing technology in conference rooms at your headquarters and all of your locations. This will help you improve internal and external corporate communication.


With BFE on your side as a knowledgeable partner, you can meet the requirements of the energy transition. We have many years of international experience in the development of technically demanding solutions for the energy and supply industries. You can also rely on our comprehensive service competence in the event of faults.


Our range of services includes:

  • Control room solutions

    • Control rooms for system and site monitoring

    • Live video transmission for initial diagnosis (before deploying service teams)

    • Increased deployment of cost-efficient remote maintenance

    • Software solutions for control and monitoring of audio and video systems (KSC CORE, KSC ControlRoom)

    • "SinAlarm" monitoring solution


  • Content solutions

    • Media asset management systems for access to multimedia content from administration or engineering

    • Content management systems for editing multimedia content

    • Camera systems for recording conferences and other content


  • Media technology

    • Video based training systems (e-learning)

    • Equipping of conference and seminar rooms

    • Digital signage for clinic complexes and networking across several locations

    • Design and production of individual furniture with highest quality


Contact us – we are on hand as your knowledgeable partner, from the initial planning stage through to implementation.

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