Content Programming for the Most Diverse Areas of Application

Content doesn’t always mean content. Whether it’s broadcasters, media groups, or content creators, each industry and each department has its own different circumstances and requirements. For editorial offices and newsrooms, strong teamwork is required working across two, sometimes three media channels, and using broadcast IT systems.

The same applies for cross-media subject and program planning. When it comes to media and advertising planning, cross-media campaign management is needed. IT-supported systems are needed here just as they are in the area of rights and license management.


What content solutions do you use? Do they meet all of your needs? Or do you need demand-oriented, tailored content programming solutions? 


Then take advantage of BFE’s years of experience in the planning and implementation of content solutions. Whether it’s cross-media subject and program planning, editorial room and newsroom systems, or advertising planning – we have the skills you need. With systematic requirements and process management, we ensure seamless integration into the process landscape, avoid media gaps, and deliver efficient processes. The best foundations, then, for an ideal newsroom and editorial environment and greater transparency of acquired usage rights and their best possible deployment.


BFE offers comprehensive and individual advice. Based on your information and requirements, we plan a content programming solution precisely tailored to your needs, and then procure and put together all the required hardware and software components. Even the servicing is carried out by BFE.


Our range of services includes:

  • Advice, planning, implementation, and service by BFE

  • Procurement of the required hardware & software by BFE without bias toward any manufacturers


Applied technology/products:

  • Rights management systems

  • Subject/program planning systems

  • Editorial/newsroom systems for

    • agency research

    • article and transmission planning

    • browsing audio and video files

  • Advertising booking systems

  • Business Intelligence systems (data warehouse)


Our project implementations focus on product neutrality, maximum quality, and optimum durability, while keeping a close eye on deadlines and costs.


Would you like more information, or do you already have a specific project in mind? Contact us—we will be happy to advise you.

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