Trade Fairs as Media Events

As digitization continues to increase, the trade fair sector faces continued changes. Presentations are becoming ever more complex. Exhibitors strive to, and must, stand out from the competition with impressive demonstrations. Audiences expect supreme audio-visual quality in all areas. And this applies to technical equipment, special locations, and show programs just as much as interactivity, augmented reality and virtual reality. At the same time, demands with regard to safety requirements are also increasing all the time, bringing ever greater challenges.

How do you handle these requirements? Do you already know which technical solutions best meet your needs? Or how to optimize your existing technology efficiently?


BFE is your experienced partner. Trust in our extensive expertise in implementing technical solutions for events of all sizes. We develop tailored AV and IP-based solutions for your requirements, while employing a product-neutral approach that focuses on maximum quality and optimum durability.


Our range of services includes:

  • Equipping of exhibition spaces, conference and seminar rooms

  • Multi-screen projection

  • Digital signage for single buildings and networking across several locations

  • Design and production of individual furniture with highest quality

  • Individual software development and design

  • Use of cutting edge technologies in augmented and virtual reality

  • Visitor information and management systems

  • Video based training systems (e-learning)


We also manufacture customized furniture for information and communication centers or exhibition halls, perfectly tailored to your specific technical and spatial requirements, while of course always keeping a close eye on deadlines and costs. We accompany you from project planning to complete implementation, including the installation of all elements.


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