Perfectly Equipped for Any Event

Are you planning a sports event or another big occasion requiring furnishings that consider both functionality and aesthetics? Not run-of-the-mill, but something more extravagant? Meeting your specifications and suitable for corporate design? Taking all relevant safety regulations into account? Would you like high standards of durability even for items intended for temporary use?

Then you should leave your requirements with an experienced partner in BFE. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in providing installations for major sports events, including international football and skiing events. We know what is important and how to implement it.


We have comprehensive manufacturing options suitable for a range of furniture in our BFE workshops, including joinery, metal work (mechanics) and electromechanics. Our experienced professionals manufacture all furniture by hand. This ensures that all your requirements are met.


Our range of services includes:

  • Furniture for seating areas

  • Journalist desks and voiceover booths

  • Information desks

  • Exhibition spaces

  • Customized designs


We provide comprehensive advice and support, from planning to implementation. We design tailor-made solutions characterized by top quality and optimal durability, while keeping a close eye on deadlines and costs. Do you have high expectations? We will meet them!

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