Broadcast & Media Technology for Maximum Security

When there are national or international threats, but also in times of peace, ensuring and/or restoring security takes top priority. This is where professional broadcast and media technology is needed: in digital situation centers, briefing rooms, computer centers and archives. For content production and employee television and radio services. On websites and online platforms. All areas of application require an encrypted form of signal transmission for confidential content as well as IP-based, audiovisual information exchange across locations.

The security requirements in this area are extremely high when it comes to data security (IT security), protection against interception (encryption) and reliability (technical availability). Similarly high requirements also apply for project management and documentation. What's more, system availability must be guaranteed 24/7 by means of redundancy and accident concepts, as well as preventive maintenance.


Are your facilities capable of comprehensively fulfilling these high requirements and standards? What is your current reporting setup? Media libraries? Training and military exercise videos? Or live transmissions? Is your media technology fully up to date? How is your broadcast and IT infrastructure set up? Does this infrastructure need to be optimized?


You can meet these challenges head on: With BFE as your experienced partner, you are sure to get the best advice. We boast many years of practical experience with system installations and service orders in the field of defense. Comprehensive expertise in planning professional media technology and broadcast IT projects. In-depth specialist/technical skills and comprehensive knowledge in project management and execution. All relevant certifications in quality management and—last but not least—reliable and trustworthy employees who have undergone the appropriate security checks.


From this basis, we can also develop custom-fit solutions for your facilities, tailored precisely to your needs and specific requirements. Professional, product neutral, delivering maximum quality and 100% "made in Germany". At the same time, we also keep a close eye on deadlines and costs.


Our range of services includes:

  • Control room solutions

    • Consulting, planning, design and implementation

    • Special furniture designed according to your individual specifications, monitor walls, wall and ceiling mounts for projectors, displays, speakers, etc.

    • Coordination of external service providers when additional products and services are purchased, such as radio communication, signal management, backend, emergency concepts, etc.

    • Software solutions for control and monitoring (KSC ControlRoom)

    • KVM solutions

    • IPTV systems


  • Media technology

    • Software systems for centralized media control and room management

    • Video based training systems (e-learning)

    • Equipping of control, conference and seminar rooms

    • Digital signage for headquarters and networking across several locations

    • Design and production of individual furniture with highest quality

    • Individual software development and design

    • Use of cutting edge technologies in augmented and virtual reality


  • Content solutions

    • Workflow analysis

    • Media asset management systems for access to multimedia content

    • Content management systems for editing of multimedia content

    • Video conference systems for meeting rooms, live conferences or expert panels (across countries and continents)

    • Bulk storage and archives

    • Camera systems for recording of events, exhibitions, conferences and other content

    • Design and implementation of necessary audio, video and IT infrastructure


Alongside security aspects, we place particular focus on ensuring extremely high levels of reliability for 24/7 operation. This is ensured through the complete redundancy of system components and signal paths. New system updates are checked using our own test systems prior to introduction.


So you see: we can fulfill (almost) all your wishes. Contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

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