The Intuitive Tool for Control Centers

Despite fundamental differences, situation centers, official authorities and organizations with security tasks, as well as industry, all have one thing in common: situation-dependent control of all media technology facilities and audiovisual signals, and automatic control of all room functions. Only with this setup is it possible to ensure efficient operation.


To achieve this, a management system that can be operated intuitively is required. With a centralized operating function for all elements and devices, media control systems and room technology. Is your control center equipped like this? Do you have all these tasks well in hand? Or is optimization required?


If so, you need to draw on the expertise of an experienced partner. With KSC ControlRoom, we have developed a control and management system for situation centers and control centers that combines a whole host of benefits: Intuitive user control applications provide situation-dependent control of all integrated systems such as large media screens. Scalability is ensured through the modular system architecture. Presets can be called up at the touch of a button. The modular software can be individually adapted to suit your specific requirements.


Overview of services:

  • Control of screens, projectors and monitors independent of manufacturer

  • Intuitive user control applications with touch function

  • Available in an installation-based or a web-based version

  • Individually adjustable views

  • Control of audio/visual signal routers

  • Connection of KVM for multi-functional workspaces

  • Controllable room functions

  • Audio integration and control

  • Status confirmations

  • Event handler

  • Messages sent to third-party systems

  • Activation of automatic actions

  • Resource management

  • Role-based authorization concept

  • Reliability for use in 24/7 environments


We will be happy to advise you with your control center project and show you how KSC ControlRoom can help bring even greater efficiency to your control center or situation center.

Data sheet KSC ControlRoom

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