Transfer Knowledge With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Universities and other educational institutions have a great responsibility: their most important function is the transfer of knowledge. The media technology installation in your auditorium, seminar and conference rooms plays a crucial role in this. Microphones and projectors are used, as are displays, panels, cameras, speakers and more, not forgetting the central and intuitive control of your equipment as a whole. This is the only way of guaranteeing that lectures and conferences can be held, with or without live connections.

Another crucial aspect is the availability of recorded lectures and seminars along with the corresponding data storage and management. In addition, online access to e-learning platforms and portals must also be taken into account.


Are you prepared for this range of challenges? Can your media technology meet all the requirements it needs to? Or are you looking for professional solutions, tailored especially to your needs?


If so, put your trust in the expertise of BFE during your planning and implementation. We have decades of experience in building lecture halls and seminar rooms for schools, universities and other educational institutions. One of our specializations is the implementation of large-scale projects, in particular, planning campus-wide networked spaces (50+). In doing so, we aim to implement our services as smoothly as possible.


Our range of services includes:

  • Consulting, planning and design

  • Pre-assembly of stands

  • Manufacturing high-quality media furnishings such as electrical installations, display trolleys, wall and roof brackets for projectors, displays, speakers, etc.


Applied technology / products:

  • Projectors

  • Displays

  • Control systems

  • Signal converters and amplifiers

  • Video servers

  • Microphones

  • Digital signal processors

  • Speakers

  • Switches

  • Collaboration systems

  • Cameras

  • Smartboards

  • Digital signage/room booking systems

  • Video conferencing systems (seminar rooms and auditoriums with live broadcasting of guest speakers giving lectures)

  • Recording systems (sometimes with multiple channels — for lectures and online release for students)

  • Media Asset Management systems (MAM) for storage and management/assigning lectures/seminars

  • E-learning platforms/portals (including Opencast)


We are by your side from the initial planning to the implementation. Our product-neutral approach means we can accommodate all requests and professionally implement custom designs in our in-house design and manufacturing centers. With a focus on maximum quality and optimum durability, Our electrical, programming and service technicians guarantee comprehensive support.


The best conditions for developing your perfect solution — technical, financial and just-in-time!

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