Traffic: A Digital Challenge

The classic boundaries between public and private mobility are disappearing all the time. Traffic monitoring and infrastructure is virtually unthinkable without digitalization even today, and certainly will be in the future. Just think about intelligent infrastructure, electric mobility and car sharing, networked transport authorities and toll systems. The intelligent use of rail, water and road capacity. Or opening up transport companies to working on a more international level.


This will place a lot of demands on you. What digital solutions and automated processes do you have planned? How reliable and fail-safe are your control rooms? How do you manage, switch and save your video signals and data flows?


Tackle these challenges – with BFE on board as a strong partner. We have over 40 years of experience in the development and implementation of custom projects in the broadcast sector. We are already fully aware of the significant demands placed on technology and 24/7 availability from the live operations of international media organizations. Benefit from our expertise when implementing your control room projects.


Our solutions are always custom-made, tailored precisely to your requirements. Our development teams and in-house design and production departments take into account your specific requirements for A/V and media technology.


Our range of services includes:

  • Control room solutions

    • Consulting, planning, design and implementation

    • Special furniture designed according to your individual specifications, monitor walls, wall and ceiling mounts for projectors, displays, speakers, etc.

    • Coordination of external service providers when additional products and services are purchased, such as radio communication, signal management, backend, emergency concepts, etc.

    • Software solutions for control and monitoring (KSC ControlRoom)

    • KVM solutions


  • Content solutions

    • Media asset management systems for access to multimedia content from administration, engineering or conferences

    • Video conference systems for meeting rooms or workshop areas, live conferences or expert panels (across countries and continents)

    • Camera systems for recording of conferences and other content

    • Software solutions for control and monitoring of audio and video systems (KSC CORE, KSC ControlRoom)

    • Design and implementation of necessary audio, video and IT infrastructure


  • Media technology

    • Video based training systems (e-learning)

    • Equipping of conference and seminar rooms

    • Digital signage for headquarters and networking across several locations

    • Design and production of individual furniture with highest quality


Contact us – we are on hand as your knowledgeable partner, from the initial planning stage through to implementation.

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